WIP Week, Dispatch #4: Untitled (Novel Outline)

Welcome to the fourth day of WIP Week, where we check in on what’s happening with my current works-in-progress. 

Remember the first six chapters of Nominated that I mentioned yesterday? Well, this is what I plan to do with them… assuming that I find the time to write the rest of this story. NaNoRebellion 2012, anyone? 


Title: N/A (spun off from Nominated

Abstract (as of this writing): Rumors have been swirling around for years about Colleen Wilder Bolton, a once-infamous artist who has suddenly gone into seclusion after the death of her husband. In order to disprove the rumors, Rachel Wilder travels to her aunt’s house in Glendale, CA, where she finds her Aunt Colleen falling apart in more ways than one. But Colleen does not want Rachel to spend her whole summer in a big fuss…
Revision status: I noticed that every single person who has read and critiqued Nominated cited Aunt Colleen as their favorite character, and her relationship with Claire as one of the best parts of the story. Upon re-reading and revising the rest of Nominated, however, I decided that Colleen deserved her own story, and a niece who isn’t getting her flirt on with an Academy Award nominee. Thus, the creation of Claire’s cousin Rachel, who immediately steps into the role of Colleen’s caretaker.

What else is going on? The other character I’m importing from Nominated is Henry Ambrose, whose connections to Ethan Trent have been effectively severed in favor of being his own person. Here he becomes Colleen’s personal accountant, with whom Rachel experiences a bit of UST. Still, the novel belongs to the mutual bond of affection – and concern – between Rachel and Colleen, so there’s no guarantee of a romantic ending.

Do I want to see this published? There’s no manuscript right now for this, so I won’t know yet until it’s finished. I don’t even know if I’ll find a market, either, since most of the characters are not Asian or Filipino. Then again, I love Colleen too much to let her fall to the wayside. Besides, a story is a story… right? 
Does this need a critique? I’ll let you know once the manuscript is ready. 

Love, Stella

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