WIP Dispatch, Special Edition: Fair Play (Camp NaNoWriMo 2014)

I used to have this feature on my blog where I talk about the writing projects that I plan to undertake during the year. Not all of those projects made it past the rough-draft stage (remember Cada Veces?) but for every project that never sees the light of Revision Land, there’s a manuscript that would later be transformed into something else altogether. Thus, the case of World on a Plate, the precursor to Save the Cake.

This year’s WIP falls under the latter, since it started out as a story for a project that didn’t work out. I’m determined to see this one to the very end.

Title: Fair Play (subject to change to eliminate the chances of being mistaken for Katrina’s book
Abstract (so far, taken from the Camp NaNoWriMo site): Agnes Escueta and Daniel Ferrer are fiery opposites in every way. She’s a hard-working TV producer with a micro-managing streak; he’s the alpha-male sports anchor who’s a magnet for the ratings and the ladies. When they’re assigned on a road trip with the Philippine football team in Indonesia, they’re faced with the prospect of working closely with each other, round-the-clock. Their professional relationship will be tested by working long hours in the field, but the sparks that fly between them tell a different story altogether. Will Agnes and Daniel find out the real score behind their constant sparring? Or are they playing a game that no one can’t afford to lose? 

Revision notes: This weekend marks the end of the self-imposed two-week rest period for the manuscript, and I’m already nervous about what I’m going to uncover once I’ve looked at it with new eyes. Part of the reason for that is the anxiety that comes from realizing that I’ve finished an actual follow-up to Save the Cake, which has added some pressure on my part to deliver the finished product as soon as possible. (Editors and cover artists and beta readers, oh my!)

Anyway…I’ve read the manuscript, and I just realized that a lot can change between now and later, plot-wise. But I can say right now that Agnes has a delightful voice, and Daniel is probably my favorite among the alpha-male characters that I’ve written. (It helps that I was inspired by this Buzzfeed list while I was writing this – let’s just say that I borrowed a few physical attributes from Entry #32 on that page.) You’ll also fall in love with the supporting cast of characters, and the newsroom setting, and the bits and pieces of life on the road. Really, I had a lot of fun writing this, so I hope that you too would enjoy reading about these characters as much as I loved writing them.

What else is going on? Nothing I can share here – I don’t want to jinx this the way I did with the other WIPs that I’ve featured on this blog!

Do I want to see this published? Of course! But first I have to quit worrying about the non-writing.

Does this need a critique? I’ve already lined up an army of beta readers at this point, so I’m excited. Onward and forward!

Love, Stella

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