Today’s Dispatch: The Return of Randomesticity

Here are few things that have been on my mind lately, writing-wise and otherwise…

Renaming: I already opened a yWriter folder for the untitled story, which will now be called Mabel Wilder. That means opening another Pinterest board to import some of the original pegs from Nominated to get myself ready. I still have Catherine Zeta-Jones as a graphic peg for Colleen, and Ginnifer Goodwin as Mabel (formerly Rachel); now I need to find pictures of that fab retro house with the gorgeous garden. Henry will have to wait, though, since I can’t imagine him being played by somebody intense. (In other words: Sorry, Mr. Cumberbatch.)

Drinking: Since I’m sensitive to caffeine, I can’t drink pearl milk tea with actual tea in it. What I can drink, however, is pearl taro milk, which has all of the creaminess without the upsetting caffeination. Quickly makes my favorite frosty taro milk, while Figaro and Serenitea are neck-and-neck for the non-frosty version. (I have yet to try ChaTime, though I hear that Rachel Weisz had been spotted lining up at the Greenbelt branch. Hey, if it’s good enough for Mrs. Daniel Craig…) Either way, no matter where I order it, I always go for the same combination: taro milk, pearls, and pudding.

Researching: I’m so excited about how my field work is turning out. The Quiapo/Espana leg for one of my classes is finished, so the next phase is to run with Quezon City for my other class. Now all I need is to get it all done by March, and I’m golden.

Watching: My mom wants us to go see Mamma Mia! live at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, so we’re going there this Sunday. Come to think of it, I’m beginning to enjoy my trips to the CCP; so far I’ve already scheduled a trip there with a friend of mine for a Filipiniana event later this month.

Wearing: Bench has been knocking it out of the ballpark for me lately, especially now that I’ve lost the weight. I love, love, love their undershirts, especially the T-shirts from the bamboo-based Envi line and their regular tank tops. The best part for me is that they also take bra size into consideration for their shirts, which means that a 38C like me can slip into an XL and it will still fit like a glove.

Love, Stella

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