Today’s Dispatch: Text Only Edition

I know that I should blog more often, but things just got interesting here at school because I’m working on some projects, both for school and for my dorm association. I do know for sure, however, that I’ll be chipping away at the new screenplay for a bit in July, if only to get some creative output done while braving the coming typhoon season.

In the meantime, here are a few links worth checking out in my (hopefully short) absence:

Manolo the Shoeblogger, he is back! And just in time, since he now has the series on how shoes can say a lot about the people who wear them. I’m sure that I’ve hung out with this guy one too many times in college.

– In honor of Nora Ephron’s passing, an essay (for the New York Times) about not getting hit on by JFK. 

Rappler.com (my primary source of news now that I spend more time on Twitter) discusses the least popular college majors – or “courses,” as we call them – in the Philippines. Note to Filipino parents: You do know that beach resorts now hire botanists, marine biologists, and veterinarians to help keep track of the environment, right? 

– Speaking of environmental science: One of the reasons why I continue to follow Mark Ruffalo on Twitter is his strong commitment to his chosen advocacies – which I don’t always agree with, but definitely a step above the occasional re-tweet. Recently he went to Stanford to co-present a “road map” to promote initiatives for renewable energy to policy-makers, and the resulting article (on Stanford’s The Dish) provides some details on his involvement in the issue. Fascinating stuff. 

– Finally, for levity: DRUNKHULK takes on Fifty Shades of Grey

Up next: It’s a surprise.

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