Today’s Dispatch: Procrastination Is Easy

This post has been brought to you by this picture of Paul Walker.

Source: via Sam on Pinterest

Considering that I’m practically halfway through my Script Frenzy screenplay – at 47 out of 100 pages – I’ve found it quite natural to slack off and think of crazy things about the screenplay that have nothing to do with writing the screenplay, which explains why I’m a regular at the Procrastination board on the Script Frenzy forums.  That’s how I ended up with the suggestion of having Paul Walker play Michael for the story, and I totally agree: not for nothing did I nearly ruin my knitting needles after a woman in a coffee shop in Honolulu declared him as “the most beautiful man on the planet.” (Plus he’s a part-time Hawaii resident – major points for him.)

Unfortunately for me, however, I have to admit that boyfriend just. cannot. act. Okay, so he can act well enough to get through all the Fast and Furious movies, but Michael Grenoble is supposed to be an Academy Award nominee… and, unfortunately, I don’t see that happening for him, unless we’re also talking about the parallel universe where Twinkies are made from all-natural ingredients that can lower your cholesterol. The only backup casting choices I can think of are Michael Fassbender (logical, but not American enough), Ben Affleck (fits the mold character-wise, but not the physical one), and Gabriel Macht (sans the Don Draper hairdo from Suits)… but then again, I’m the one who thinks that Diane Lane would still be perfect as Vicky if she agrees to put on makeup that would age her by 15 more years, so I think I should leave this to the professionals.

(In my head, though, Diane Lane would still be Vicky if this movie would be made in the next decade or so, and the casting would have Kat Dennings playing Claire, Armie Hammer as Michael, and Emily Browning as Sandy.)

But I do know that there is one bit of casting that would still be perfect, no matter how you cut it:

Ashton Kutcher. Ned “The Shark” Larkin. No contest.

Love, Stella

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  1. Stella! So glad that you're half way through your script! I've been missing you and while totally PROCRASTINATING from my own MS, I've been skimming through the LWC site. Oh! and posting a link to the blog I finally started. You'll be proud… I hope!

    I love your musing about who will play your characters and I too get so caught up in that. Have entire folders full of jpegs for different facial expressions. So I totally get the dilemma about Diane Lane. Unfortunately my inspiration for my hero is too old to play Vaughn now. Alas… he lives on in my heart.

    And Hey! I like Gabriel Macht's Don Draper hair… it's oddly sexy. And it loosens up a tad later in the season.

    Miss you!

  2. Indigo! *runs up and gives hugs*

    I totally owe you an email on what I've been up to, writing-wise. Yes, this version of Nominated is based on the original MS that I sent to you, but I had to overhaul it a lot for Screnzy – especially since I'm giving Aunt Colleen her own book! Good thing I made progress on this, since I had a few deadlines to chase on my PhD work this month and needed to get it out of my hair as soon as possible.

    I think that you would totally enjoy Pinterest. Yes, it's a time suck, but I've recommended it to other writers for keeping an online record of visuals. That's part of how I got through Screnzy 2012, too; I had these pins of costume details and several people who could play the other characters, which helped me fill out the outline.

    And… wait, Harvey's hair actually loosens up in Suits? I've only seen half of the season so far, but Harvey is already my favorite character. I agree with the dark hair on GM; the natural blonde does wash him out a bit (there are pictures – his Wikipedia page has the worst one), so seeing him with the darker hair in later photos just makes him look way foxier.

    Missing you a lot! 🙂

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