Today’s Dispatch: Chasing Numbers

This post is brought to you by this GIF of Erik Spoelstra’s… um… passionate style of game-calling, as captured during Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

(Disclosure: Both of our families are from the same barrio in the Philippines. Which is unfortunate, since it’s things like this – and my undying dislike of LeBron – that keep me from rooting for the guy.)

Even though the school year officially started last week, my own school year has gotten off to a slow start: typhoons and problematic schedules for my profs have kept me away from the classroom. The good news is that I have my mornings free to do fun things, like watching sports on TV and going out for long walks around the campus. The bad news? It’s still too much goofing off for me.

Which is funny, because I am slated for a heavy load this semester: 9 credits of quantitative number crunching, including not one but two classes in applied statistics.

I want to say that this is not what I signed up for, but I did: I have to get the bulk of my course requirements out of the way so I could get one step closer to graduation. Other students have warned me about the dangers of too much number-crunching on a given semester, but somehow I still wanted this to happen – even if I risk having nightmares about numbers and data analysis for the next few months.

Maybe this will be my impetus to write more, and read more. And do more.

I’ve taken this as a challenge to whip my time-management abilities back into shape, after the slackfest I’ve put myself through in the last two months. There are emails to write and to-do lists to draw up, with appointments and deadlines written way, way in advance to avoid the surprises that come from procrastination, as much as possible.

It’s the reverse of how I used to live: address the deficits first, then reap the abundance later.


No progress on anything as of yet, although I’m considering another title change for the screenplay – one possibility: Hackers and Slackers –  and I spent a huge chunk of my Independence Day weekend for the #RP612fic alternate-history challenge on Twitter. (The latter even got me some attention from the online edition of one of the major TV networks in the country; click here for the post on Spotify.) I still haven’t compiled some of my own insane tweets – including not one, but two murder attempts on our darling Jeremy – but I’ll get around to it once I’ve got the rest of my time-management situation under control.

Love, Stella

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