The Road to NaNoWriMo: My Attempt at Prepping

In the middle of the scramble between finishing my papers (not awesome) and watching Argo (so awesome that I might revise Right Here Right Now because of it), I actually forgot to plot my road map for Cada Veces.

But since I’m taking the morning off to bond with Auntie Flo, this is what I have so far:

1) Ma’m Celeste is so not based on any professors that I have met in my entire life. (Yeah, and the tapsilog joint in my first NaNo was so not based on Rufo’s.)

2) Ma’m Celeste also has a gay friend who may or may not be based on somebody that a friend once referred to as “yung pinakamataray na faculty member sa College of [name of withheld].” (Yeah, and the actual tapsilog in my first NaNo may or may not be based on the recipe from Rodics.)

3) Ma’m Celeste’s course number is CW 134, “because those are the only grades you will get from me: 1, 3, or 4.”

4) Ma’m Celeste has a very small class (10 slots, ending up with 5 for quorum because the other 5 dropped out of fear) with the following students:

– Luis, the self-proclaimed “nice guy” who thinks that all girls fall for bad boys, and uses that information to convince the girls he likes that he really is the “nice guy” in comparison. (I remember this because he’s based on a character from one of Mina V. Esguerra‘s novels; in fact, I got permission from her to use the main concept of that character.)

– Amanda, the private-school graduate whom Ma’m Celeste teases relentlessly for having a rich family who pays for her own education. She wants to “revise” the night she met her first boyfriend, who ate away at her self-esteem. (There’s also an angle about a friend of hers who worships the ground that Ma’m Celeste walks on, and wishes that she was a student in CW 134. Fangirl, much?)

– Rhobelle (formerly Ruben), a flamingly gay student who can’t decide which story he wants to “revise” because Ma’m Celeste thinks that he tries too hard. Kind of difficult because I am partly proficient in gayspeak, and the few gay men that I know speak in grammatically-correct sentences.

– Char, the over-achieving Iska with a dark secret of her own.

– Kim, the friendliest and most laid-back of them all. Her story is about a missed opportunity involving a scholarship and a family problem.

5) Ma’m Celeste… plays a part in the most WTF plot twist in the entire story.

Other than that, I probably can’t give much away, because it’s that kind of a story. Hmmm…

Love, Stella

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  1. You're thinking about Merille, dear. 🙂 Onward and forward, Purple Squad!

    (For those of you not getting the joke: This year, members of NaNoWriMo Philippines have formed writing teams so we can encourage each other to keep writing. Will post more about them in the coming days!)

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