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First of all, welcome to the newly redesigned! The new design is courtesy of Hazel from Stay Bookish, who I can’t thank enough for making this book site super spiffy. If you ever need a person to redesign your WordPress-based bookish site, she’s your gal.

Check out the new site, and let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see!

Now that we’ve gotten this out of the way, however, I have a few more things to say…

By now you have probably heard that Visprint–the publisher of the Philippine print edition of Save the Cake, is closing down its doors. It’s a sad moment for Philippine publishing in general, but a heart-wrenching one for me, knowing that Visprint was one of the few publishing houses left that have taken risks on fiction in general, and English-language romance in particular. As I always say, I am grateful for my experiences with Visprint, and I’m glad to have been part of their roster of rock-star literary and genre writers in particular.

That said, I’d be lying to you if I said that I didn’t have a backup plan post-Visprint.

The immediate plan, of course, was to buy out my leftover stock and make the book available through #romanceclass events. But a part of me has also been thinking about updating the book for a new edition, which means that I may have to make a few choices that may affect the versions that readers have come to know and love.

I wish I can say more about this, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself and I don’t want to jinx anything. Between this and the last two books of the Hideaway Trilogy, however, it does look like I’m going to be busy for the next four to six years, and anything can happen between now and then.

And after this…who knows? Maybe I’ll join the query trenches. Maybe I’ll stop writing altogether. All I know is that I’m not getting any younger, and I’m not writing any faster. (See also: my decision to no longer participate in NaNoWriMo until further notice.) My “why” continues to evolve, though, and my writing voice has changed since I started this six years ago. And I can argue that I’ve changed, too.

Until then, the future is here, and it is infinite.

Love, Stella

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Stella Torres

is the author of the adult contemporary romances Save the Cake, Crushingly Close, and Nine Years Away, as well as the short story “Be Creative” in the anthology Kids These Days: Stories from Luna East Vol. 1.

In her previous life, she has worked in public relations, taught English as a second language, and even attended graduate school (twice!). She has lived in Indonesia, Honolulu, and Quezon City before moving back to her hometown of Los Banos, a few hours’ drive (with traffic) from the heart of Manila.

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