Randomesticity: One Year Older, and None The Wiser

This post is brought to you by Richard Armitage, who owes me a cake.

So, here I am, one year older, working on a new book, taking on some freelance work (which you’ll hear about in the coming weeks), and looking forward to a new school year on the horizon. Time to check in on what’s going on inside my brain right now.

Rants: I know that it’s been a long time coming, but I’ve decided to break up with LaineyGossip because I can’t stand Lainey’s self-righteousness. Yes, I admit, I like my gossip to be smart, but the last thing I want to hear when I’m mindlessly scrutinizing Jeremy Renner (or Benedict Cumberbatch, or Richard Armitage) is a lecture on how I should be paying attention to the BIG SOCIOLOGICAL ISSUES that come with participating in the celebrity game. Balderdash! If I wanted to study big sociological issues, I would sign up for 15 credits’ worth of doctoral-level classes every semester. Thanks, but I’m switching back to Blind Gossip and HuffPo.

(And call me crazy, but… is it me, or is there a secret anti-Filipino agenda on LaineyGossip, too? No? Just me? Okay, then.)

Raves: So I finally caved in and got myself an iPhone 5, which I actually love to bits because it’s the perfect gadget for me. No more lugging around a separate phone, camera, and iPod (which would all get lost inside my purse anyway) – just plug in, go, and guard it like a dog lest it attracts the bad elements that lurk around Metro Manila. And not only that, but I’ve also decided to join Instagram for kicks so that I can take photos of food and badly-worded street signs. (Yes, my parents don’t get it, but that adds to the fun.) My post-paid provider of choice right now is Globe, which has been a controversial decision in our family – spotty customer service aside, my parents are also on Globe – but a satisfying one because I’m paying for services that are useful to me (ie. a data plan for web surfing, and an all-inclusive package for calls and texts) while still keeping to a certain budget.

Retro: Apparently this crochet thing is getting out of hand, because now I’m moving away from amigurumi towards the wild and exciting world of… doilies? And fridge magnets? That means I’m also drooling all over the aluminum hook set from Gantsilyo Guru (scroll down the page), which I am set on buying for myself. My return to Quezon City can’t come soon enough…

Love, Stella

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Stella Torres

is the author of the adult contemporary romances Save the Cake, Crushingly Close, and Nine Years Away, as well as the short story “Be Creative” in the anthology Kids These Days: Stories from Luna East Vol. 1.

In her previous life, she has worked in public relations, taught English as a second language, and even attended graduate school (twice!). She has lived in Indonesia, Honolulu, and Quezon City before moving back to her hometown of Los Banos, a few hours’ drive (with traffic) from the heart of Manila.

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