Bimonthly Goals: September to October

Whew. Time flew by these last two months, didn’t they? As I mentioned earlier last month, I drafted my last Bimonthly Goals post without knowing that I would get my #romanceclass2017 notes so soon.  When I did get those notes, everything that I’d intended to work on, including outlines and revisions, were left unfinished. It wasn’t an easy journey, since I was…

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My Writing Journey

Ever since I attempted to write novels in seventh grade, I was driven to write stories about people that I rarely find in the shelves of many bookstores and libraries. In my case, it was always about an overweight Filipino girl (sound familiar?) beating the odds and falling in love in the process–not quite Sweet Valley High, but not tragic…

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Working Hours

By the time this post goes live, I would’ve finished the revisions for my latest manuscript, which means that it would be (God willing) one step closer to publication. This also means that I had spent more than a month revising a manuscript that, frankly, needed all the work. But that’s not the reason why it took too long.  A…

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Unrequited: A Twitter Rant Thread

The following entries were taken from a rant that I’d posted on Twitter last week. This was in reaction to a social media conversation about romance in the Philippines, and how audiences (and other Filipino writers) tend to romanticize unrequited love. I’m calling this a rant because I don’t usually take these conversations lying down, especially when they hit a…

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True North and The Korean Drama: Lessons in Romance Writing

Allow me to explain: The plaid-covered hottie featured above is Lee Dong-Wook, best known to K-drama fans as Grim Reaper on Goblin. As you can see, Dong-Wook is a snack-and-a-half, though not nearly as dish-worthy as he is in his black-and-white Reaper wardrobe. (I mentioned on Twitter that I now know how fangirls feel when they see pictures of Tom Hiddleston…

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How To Revise A Hot Scene

At the beginning of my career, I was a total wimp when it came to sex scenes. Sure, I had a steady reading diet of steamy novels on my Kindle, but I was scared of writing about the actual act. I can attribute this to my insecurities over being a romance writer in a religious family, but with every book…

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The Non-Writing Things

It’s no secret that I don’t write all the time. I have this blog when I’m not working on my manuscripts, and my social media presence (mostly Twitter and Instagram) is mainly half self promotion and half stream-of-consciousness fun. And it’s not like writing is my entire life; in fact, I also take care of my elderly parents, and you’ll…

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Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale – Get My Books For FREE!

The Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale is in full swing! Now’s your chance to get Save the Cake and Crushingly Close for FREE in every ebook format Just go straight to my page at http://bit.ly/StellaOnSmashwords and click on your book of choice. Choose from different file formats for downloading, from mobi (for Kindle) and epub (for other e-readers) to PDF and text. There’s…

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