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An Obituary

I used to be a big fan of Whitney Houston back in the day – and “by back in the day” I actually mean songs like “All at Once,” “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” and “So Emotional.” These were songs that brought back happy times when I was 11 and did a lot of dancing in my room, before the…

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Today’s Dispatch: The Return of Randomesticity

Here are few things that have been on my mind lately, writing-wise and otherwise… Renaming: I already opened a yWriter folder for the untitled story, which will now be called Mabel Wilder. That means opening another Pinterest board to import some of the original pegs from Nominated to get myself ready. I still have Catherine Zeta-Jones as a graphic peg…

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Excerpt of The Week: Flip City

Now that I’ve mentioned my Works in Progress from last week, it’s time for us to check in on how our characters are doing while they’re in the process of being revised. This week’s excerpt: the opening scene from Flip City.  (Copyright 2012 by Stella Torres. This entry is protected by a Creative Commons License for non-commercial use with attribution.) 

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How Not to Get Crushed by A Crowd at A Busy Movie Shoot

Image from MRT STATION, TAFT AVENUE A female passenger disembarks from the train at the southmost station of the MRT line. The station is crowded, as usual, but for some reason she notices guards and MRT staffers screaming and filtering out the folks who had just disembarked from the train. She looks up at the escalator, and sees guards…

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