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Today’s Dispatch: Hello, I’m Stella, and I’m a Pinterest Addict.

I am somewhat ashamed of the fact that I put this together on Pinterest, at a moment when I should be studying for my exams. (I am even more ashamed that the pinboard contains a picture of Channing Tatum with his shirt off, and another of you-know-who threatening to rip his apart… but that’s another story.) I am not ashamed, however, of…

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Today’s Dispatch: It’s An Honor Just to Be…

While I may have banned all stressful things (read: schoolwork and celebrity gossip) from my hospital room during last week’s confinement, I still managed to get a little bit of progress done on the screenplay version of Nominated. One of the things that stood out for me during the whole noodling-around process for the story was the whole “Hollywood-as-high school…

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Today’s Dispatch: The Lost Weekend

Right now I feel a little bit like John Watson, hands still shaking while my fingers hit the keyboard for the first time in 48 hours. Since I have not spent any of that time fighting terror in Afghanistan or getting hit on by Benedict Cumberbatch, I might as well let you know what did happen, off the bat: I…

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Excerpt of the Week: Nominated, The Screenplay (Draft #1)

Remember Nominated? Well, after much soul-searching, I have decided to go ahead and adapt it as a screenplay. A lot of things have changed: Claire Packard is now an unemployed investigative TV reporter, and “Ethan Trent” has been transformed into Michael (Mike) Garrison, an old friend of Claire’s from high school whom she hasn’t seen in years. Originally I wanted  to focus…

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Today’s Dispatch: BURN THIS.

Dear FHM Philippines: THIS is what you call hot? Let me put it this way for you, in case you did not get the memo already: We Pinays have a lot of problems with the messages we get from the likes of you. We do not need to be told that we’re not sexy enough because our thighs are not…

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Today’s Dispatch: I Wasn’t Informed

Apparently some smart-aleck from the Malacanang press corps has gotten a hold of… um… certain videos that I have dreaded hoped would turn up on YouTube someday. Unfortunately, I refuse to post the 100% pure blackmail-quality videos that have turned up, because none of them involve “Someone Like You” or “Party Rock Anthem.” (Seriously, dude, could you please leave the Journey catalog alone?…

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So, How Did Your Week Go?

Well, for one thing, I’m writing two papers at the same time, and I don’t recommend it. As soon as I finish one, I end up procrastinating on another. Big drain on the system, that. That also meant spending the entirety of Valentine’s Day all alone, with nothing but literature reviews to keep me warm at night. And, oh yeah,…

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