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If I had enough money (or Amazon credit) to buy Kindle editions of my favorite Pinoy contemporary romances, I would. I love the fact that there’s a growing crop of authors that are making their way into the market, especially since they do give a unique spin on what has always been looked at a Western-dominated genre. If you’re curious about how our half of the world works with chick-lit, here are a few titles to get you started.

(NOTE: I have not been paid by either Amazon Associates or the authors to promote these books. I just like them.)


From left to right:

– Fairy Tale Fail, by Mina V. Esguerra: If I could recommend one book by our Contemporary Romance Novel-writing mentor, this would be it: a smart, sweetly funny romantic comedy that goes into Joseph Campbell territory as our leading lady Ellie picks up the pieces of her broken fairy tale to become the hero of her own story. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry – and most importantly, you’ll wonder where the smokin’-hot Lucas hides his tattoos.

All’s Fair in Blog and War, by Chrissie Peria: Travel blogger Five (so named because she’s the fifth Maria in her family) goes on the ultimate travel junket to Macau, only to find herself encountering the smug artiste Jesse in every step of the way. Hijinks do ensue, which makes the clashes between Five and Jesse all the more entertaining as they slowly realize their feelings for each other. Warning: This book will cause cravings for egg tarts.

– Well Played, by Katrina Ramos Atienza: This is the only book that I haven’t reviewed in this bunch, partly because it had just been released on Amazon less than an hour ago. I still had to add it, though, because the author is also the genius blogger behind Plus Size Fasyon Mudra – not to mention that the soccer-centric story is set in my home town of Los Banos, which still makes it worth the read.

More links to published works are forthcoming!

Love, Stella

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