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My Life In Tweets

Right now my Twitter feed is a mess of political posts (it is an election year in the Philippines, after all) but I’ve managed to sneak in a few peeks into my life in the meantime. Here are some highlights:
So here’s a thing: https://t.co/U7vVMl9HC2

— Stella Torres (@TheStellaTorres) April 11, 2016

Yes, the book is coming. Yes, the title is Crushingly Close. And yes, there is a cover:

— Stella Torres (@TheStellaTorres) April 16, 2016

Right now I’m still editing, so there are no pre-order links so far. But I’m planning on promoting this thing like a mofo, so watch out.

In the meantime…

I haven’t finished Book 3 yet, but now I have a rough outline for Book 4. Planning it for NaNo this year.

— Stella Torres (@TheStellaTorres) April 23, 2016

You’ll find out more about Book 4 in November. And I am planning to join this November, by hook or by crook, because the only alternative is to sit on my hands and wait for the results of my comprehensive exam. And that won’t do, I’m afraid.

Then there’s this…

#NowPlaying: My new favorite song–so hot. https://t.co/hYpQT0assv

— Stella Torres (@TheStellaTorres) April 25, 2016

Leave this blue neighbourhood
Never knew loving could hurt this good
And it drives me wild
‘Cause when you look like that
I’ve never ever wanted to be so bad
And it drives me wild 

Sounds like falling in love to me.

Finally–not a Tweet, but a sweet Instagram post that encapsulates all of my #AprilFeelsDay feels:

A photo posted by Stella Torres (@stella_meimei) on

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