Long Live The Social Network

Those of you who have followed me since the beginning of my Blogspot days may recall that I used to go by the name Meimei, which used to be a convenient way for me to keep my online persona separate from my personal life.

Those times, alas, are now behind us, and I must now prepare for the next phase of my life as a grown-up on the Internet. 
For those of you who are on Twitter, I invite you all to follow me at twitter.com/TheStellaTorres (@TheStellaTorres) where you can find my regular daily comments on nearly everything that’s worth the commentary. Right now most of my tweets are writing-related, with the occasional fan-girling post or two. Okay, maybe a few swipes at my local telecom-service provider, but that’s to be expected, and I think they’re used to me going ALL CAPS on them whenever I’m in a pickle with them. 
For those of you who are on Google+, you can now add me by simply clicking on the icon under my Twitter feed in the right-hand sidebar. New friends are always welcome!
And, as I’ve mentioned before, you can always say hi to me on Wattpad – but hurry: Save the Cake will only be available as a free read for a limited time!
Here’s to a fantastic journey ahead. 🙂 

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