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Laying Low

And the hits just keep on coming…

As I am writing this, I am recovering from an upper-respiratory infection, which was something that used to happen to me toward the end of every semester when I was still in school. Back then I’d associated it with a psychosomatic reaction to stress, but now that I’m not in school anymore it’s a mystery as to why I’d gotten sick all over again. 
I’m not going to use this space to speculate on what’s going on with me, but I do know that there’s something about this situation that’s not conducive to my physical and mental health. You can’t just bounce back after losing six year’s worth of your life’s work. Sooner or later, the energy runs out, and no amount of positive self-talk could get you out of bed.
I am lucky. I have a roof over my head, and a loving family who’s supporting me through these rough times. In my heart, I know that this will pass. But I can’t pretend that things are okay when my lungs threaten to close in on me every morning.
Now’s the time for recovery. Now’s the time to feel things through, one step at a time, before deciding on where the next journey will lead. 
Which is another way of saying that I’ll be taking a break from this blog for a while. 
I’m giving myself until the first weekend of July to start blogging again–enough time for me to get my stuff together without wallowing. I’ll probably have a new set of Bimonthly Goals to report, but other than that I can’t promise anything more. Until then, the rest of my online presence would be on social media, so drop by and say hi when you get the chance. 
Again, thank you for all of your support, and I’ll see you in a few weeks. 

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