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Killing Them Softly

Last weekend I talked about my #romanceclass2017 manuscript, and how I was ready to drop everything that I was working on just so I could get cracking on the revisions. Sure enough, hours after that blog entry was posted, I got the notes back for my manuscript, and–just as predicted–major edits were proposed. 

Which meant that I would need to spend more time on this manuscript than expected.

I put aside the other project that I was working on and opened up the #romanceclass file on Scrivener, where I compiled the manuscript into a MOBI file and uploaded it into my Kindle. I found all sorts of things to comment on, from the cheesiness of the sex scenes and inconsistent characterization to the generic settings and lack of chemistry. The whole process was brutal, and once I was done taking notes I went back to my manuscript and slashed 10,000 words out of the whole thing. 
Now I was left with a carcass of a manuscript, trimmed of excess fat and gristle. The next step was to start the rewriting process to put lean meat back on those bones. 
Whatever fear that I had in the beginning when I read those notes for the first time was replaced by determination. My mind was no longer in the same place that it was when I drafted it earlier this year. All that mattered now was making the story better.
This is all I’m going to say about this manuscript for a long time. I’ve got a month or so for the rewrites, and it will take a lot of my time and energy to concentrate on the rewriting process. I don’t want to jinx it–not after all the disappointments that I’d endured in the first half of 2017–so I have to stay committed. Let’s hope that this book makes it to publication, and that you’ll be able to read the whole thing soon. 

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