#JustWritePH Blog Tour: For the Feels (Plus Giveaway!)

Welcome to the first week of the #JustWritePH blog tour! Every week we will feature a different story from each of the #JustWritePH bundles available on Buqo. Get to know the new voices in Philippine literature as they share with us their insights on the writing process!
This week, we’ll be featuring the #JustWritePH bundle For the Feels. 
#JustWritePH—For the Feels

Buy it on Buqo for the special SALE price of US$0.99 (P45) until September 7, 2015!
(Regular bundle price: US$3.99/P180)

Authors: Lee Miyaki (Kim Derla), Maria Criselda Santos, iamloid, and Kristine Cuevas

The feels come in all shapes and sizes, with a million different unique stories for every kind. Experience bitter feels, forbidden feels, pretend feels and young feels in this four-story bundle that’s sure to tug at your heartstrings. Features “13th Prayer” by Lee Miyaki, “Never the Princess” by Maria Criselda Santos, “My Ampalaya Story” by iamloid, and “A Bump in Athena’s Life” by Kristine Cuevas.

Our featured writer for the week is Christian Loid Valenzuela, also known as iamloid. He is the author of My Ampalaya Story, which is written in Taglish and named after one of the most hated vegetables in the Philippines
(NOTE: This interview was edited for clarity.) 

Name: Christian Loid Valenzuela
Occupation:  Published author on Buqo and a Wattpad Filipino Ambassador
Writing experience: I began my journey as a writer last 13th September 2013 when I officially joined a writing-reading site, Wattpad.
Favorite time of day to write: Weekend evenings around 8PM. My mind is more active at night.
Favorite writing instrument: Pen and notebook! A very vintage one. (laughs)
Favorite snack (and/or drink) while writing: Anything that is made up of chocolates!

My inspiration for this story: I wrote this story  when I got my very first heart break (laughs). I choose to tell it because I want to inspire many people, like, “You’re not alone. Together we stand!” credits to Avril Lavigne for that quote from her song – Keep Holding On. (Laughs)

What kept me going: I am super challenged! I have to manage my time as a student, as a workshopper of #JustWritePH and as an Ambassador! Despite of that, my main motivation for finishing this story is that I like to prove myself that I can! And I want to be a living proof that writing (and entering the publishing industry) is for everyone, ‘cause I believe that there’s no age limit in this. As long as you can write, finish your work(s) and have passion, you are a writer!

How I managed without beta readers: I am super challenged by the time allotted to finish this work so unfortunately I haven’t used any beta reader(s) and/or editor(s). But some of my (Wattpad) readers kept commenting on my story, so for me they act like my beta readers. So far, the most valuable feedback I’ve had is when some readers messaged me saying that they can relate with the protagonist – the way she portray her ‘bitter’ attitude, her fierce personality etc.

What I’ve learned from this class: Time management! (laughs) and writing in harmony – that’s were the lessons I’ve learned. I think for my upcoming works, I shall keep in mind that I should write in my own harmony.  And always beat the deadline!

What’s next: Maybe I’ll take a break in writing for one year, I think. I should take a rest as a writer and study more to improve myself as a writer. Also, I’ll try to help beginners and aspiring writers (out) there. So if anyone of you knows someone that needs ‘writing approach’, you can refer them to me! Yes, I have a plan to follow up this story. As of now, on my Wattpad account I already have (the) second book. And the third book is on my mind. I am planning to do a trilogy eh. So, that’s it!

My Ampalaya Story by iamloid
Paalala ang kuwentong ito ay ‘di angkop sa mga mambabasang naniniwala sa forever at sa happy ending. Halina’t pasukin ang mundo ng ka-bitter-an kung saan walang ka-sweet-an na masusumpungan. Ito ang My Ampalaya Story. One of the most ‘ampalaya’ work published in an online writing and reading site.

(Warning: This story is not suitable for readers who believe in forever and happy endings. Come and enter a world of bitterness where there is no sweetness to be found. This is My Ampalaya Story. One of the most bitter works published in an online writing and reading site.) 

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Love, Stella

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