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Welcome back to Week 4 of the #JustWritePH Blog Tour! Every week we will feature a different story and author from each of the #JustWritePH bundles available from Buqo.

#JustWritePH: For Redemption
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Redemption doesn’t come easy. It involves hardship, righting wrongs, and making tough choices. This four-story bundle showcases characters who made wrong turns in life, and want nothing more than to make things right. Features “Era” by Jesse David, “Turning Points” by Yeyet Soriano, “A Fateful Encounter” by Cali (Angie Sanchez), and Encyclopedia Mystique by Racquel Sarah A. Castro.

Our featured author of the week is Angie Sanchez, author of A Fateful Encounter, who also writes under the name Cali.


A Fateful Encounteris a story about a college computer science student, Samantha, who just got back from an eight-month holiday. Not a single soul knows why she left in the first place – not her professors, her best friend Aimee and her closest group of friends. She logs in an online chat site and meets Michael, an engineering student from the same university.
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I continued to argue with myself quietly. I want ice cream. Do I really need ice cream? No. But do you want ice cream. Yes. Is it right to put yourself in danger for the sake of ice cream? No. But you want one, right? Yes. There you go. And there goes my logic. But in order to dig into my cravings, I must find someone to go out with me at this time of night. Now who’s going to be my knight?  It would be wrong to ask for my friends after what happened earlier. My only available choice was Requiem. He offered to go out with me. Nothing’s wrong with accepting someone’s offer, right? I thought about it again. And again. It was unacceptable and irresponsible. Who goes out with a stranger, at night, for ice cream? I sat thinking of all the possible solutions for my dilemma. It wouldn’t be bad to trust someone, just this once? 

 [10:30 pm] Requiem: San kita pupuntahan?

 [10:35 pm] Me: Nakatira ako sa may apartment sa dulo ng Emerald.

 [10:36 pm] Requiem: Sige. Puntahan na kita. 

 [10:37 pm] Me: Ingat ka. Text mo na lang ako.

I suddenly became nervous. My heart started beating so fast that I could feel it could jump off my chest. Just because of a stupid craving, I invited a guy I didn’t even know over for ice cream. It was ridiculous. And idiotic. Aimee had already warned me before that nothing good comes out from meeting strangers. I could already picture out Aimee scolding me. I groaned. She is a very protective friend. 

My legs are shaking from panic. I could feel my hands getting cold and sweaty. I couldn’t think right. What if this guy were a poser who might think of kidnapping me and holding me for ransom? Or worse, rape me and throw my body somewhere? I promised my parents to stay out of trouble, but I’m directly putting myself into a mess. No one except for myself knows that I would be meeting him tonight – not my friends, my family – absolutely, not a single soul. If something bad happens, no one would even know. I walked to the living room, then back again to the kitchen. I suddenly had the idea to send him a message that I have a bad stomachache and couldn’t get up. I was about to text him through WeChat, but a message appeared.

 [10:46 pm] Requiem: Andito na ako.

 I frantically rushed to the kitchen drawer to get my Swiss knife and pepper spray. I’ve always kept these in case of emergency. I placed both of them inside my purse along with my phone, my wallet and sneaked a peek from my apartment window. There, I saw a person standing right outside the gate. For a while, I remained seated on the couch debating whether to go through with it or not. I gathered all my courage and closed the gates behind me. 

 “Hello,” a guy wearing a jacket and cap said.

 “Hi,” I replied nervously.

 “Tara na?” he spoke.   


(This interview has been edited for clarity.) 

Name: Nicole Sanchez aka Angie Sanchez
Occupation: MSc Microbiology
Writing experience: First novel, only writing for requirements (class and thesis), but had some experience back in high school for the school paper
Favorite time of day to write: night or when creative juices come
Favorite writing instrument: G-tech pen plus scratch papers
Favorite snack (and/or drink) while writing: milk tea, Coke, some snacks such as Piattos, candies

My inspiration: It was supposed to be a story (about) how I met my significant other. But then, I became a bit embarrassed and shy to tell our story, and quite afraid what others will think about it so I completely changed it to something else. I tweaked some parts of the story which resulted to an entirely different piece. I don’t really know why I chose to tell this story. My story is entirely a work of fiction, and I can say, it has a very unexpected plot.

What challenged me: Writing a 15k word story in a month was definitely a challenge. I had a different story in mind at the beginning, then changed it to another one, and another one. I have never done this kind of piece before. I guess, what kept me going was the feeling of fulfillment I will get after writing the story. Not everyone is able to publish their stories. And this was my chance to make it.

On feedback and critiques from beta readers: I had a few beta readers for my story. Their feedback, whether good or bad, was really useful. I love it when people critique my work. In that way, I could see where I went wrong and right. I really appreciated any kind of critique they had for my work. But the best was, they were asking me for a sequel to my book! It feels so overwhelming. This is my first ‘finished’ written piece and people are actually asking for more.

What I’ve learned: I learned that effort pays off. And to achieve something, you need to have your eyes set on the goal. You have to remain inspired and determined. It’s always okay to take up on a challenge, because all those sweat becomes something else that can never be taken from you and something you can be proud for the rest of your life.

What’s next: I wish to continue on my writing during my spare time. I have actually been busy (these) past few weeks because of graduate school. I want to write a follow up or a sequel, but maybe in a few months.

A message from Angie: Thank you so much for the interview! I would like to thank everyone for making A Fateful Encounter possible. Thank you to #JustWritePH, and congratulations to my fellow authors.

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Love, Stella

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