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Welcome to the third week of the #JustWritePH Blog Tour! Every week we will feature a different story and author from each of the #JustWritePH bundles available on Buqo.

##JustWritePH: For Love

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Love is never easy, but the journey to that happily ever after is what makes it worth it. Witness the struggles of these characters as they work their way through both new romances and second chances at love in this four-story bundle. Features “I Still…” by Beth G., “Sigh No More” by Carla de Guzman, “Velvet Valentine” by Giselle Bacalla, and “One Sweet November Day” by Amae Dechavez. 

Our featured author of the week is Beth G., who penned the sweet contemporary romance I Still…


Jamee is head over heels with Denmark. And after several years of not seeing each other, they meet again, and Jamee cannot deny the fact that after all those years, she is still in love with him. As their renewed friendship seems to progress, all while their common college friends hold a reunion for all of them, Jamee discovers the truth behind her heartache with Denmark years ago. Will she still surrender on how she feels for Denmark and give herself a chance on love? Or will it be too late?

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I SHOULD not have agreed with Greg.

I discreetly looked out of the glass window. The evening lights were blaring on the street and people were busy going in and out of bars, though I could not see any establishment in this area that screamed BAR. It’s Friday night, and instead of celebrating the end of a spectacularly tiring week, I was trapped in one of the tables for two of this seemingly high-end restaurant called Sernin’s, trying to hide my boredom. I haven’t been here, and I have never heard of this until now, and I was somehow grateful that I did. The food was superb and the ambience was great. Sitting across me was Carl. I just met him a few hours ago, and as much as I wanted to give him a chance to prove himself better, I was starting to regret agreeing into this whole idea of blind dating all together.

Earlier, I agreed to go out with Greg and Margot, two of my friends from Shön, the women’s magazine where I worked. But when I learned that Alex was also coming with them, I backed out.

“And why?” Greg asked sternly.

“I don’t want Alex pestering me the whole night,” I admitted.

“But Margot and I are planning to set you up with him!” he exclaimed.

“The more I shouldn’t come then,” I shrugged.

Then Greg went in front of my desk, put his arms across his chest and gave me The Look. The one he always gave me whenever he thought I was acting dumb or playing stupid. The one of the many things about him that made him so gay.

“You know, Jamee, why don’t you just go out with him and be done with it?”

I exhaled. I could not believe we were discussing The Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Go Out with Alex all over again. “Because number one, he’s not my type. Number two, he creeps me out. Number three, all the ladies here want him, and I don’t want to be in the way of their fantasies.”

“Is that so?” Greg sounded unsure, just like he always did whenever we talked about the subject. It was as if he never believed everything I said.

Well, it’s true. Alex had been asking me out, and I had been saying no. Sure, he’s the tall, dark and handsome type of guy that every lady in the office craved for his attention. Lean and muscular, like he could be one of those nude statues in Rome. It’s not that I was all into physical looks or anything. But like I said, he’s not my type. Or maybe it’s his muscles that crept me out.

“Yes,” I said firmly. 

(This interview was edited for clarity.) 

Name: Beth G.
Occupation: Online freelance writer/editor
Writing experience: I’ve been blogging for a year now at bethgstories.wordpress.com. I published my first book Destiny Cheated Me with Lifebooks. (Should I also include the random thoughts I write on the girls’ bathroom walls whenever I get the chance? Hahaha!)
Favorite time of day to write: 2am
Favorite writing instrument: Boris, my desktop.
Favorite snack (and/or drink) while writing: COFFEE! And DARK CHOCOLATES!

My inspiration for this story: Honestly, I Still… is just a product of one of those late night Messenger conversations with my high school bff. I could no longer remember what we were talking about, but yeah. If you’d look at our chat box, you’d be amazed by how many plots for stories you can come up with.

Was I challenged by the amount of time that I had in writing the story? YES! Not to mention the amount of time I spent on stalling. Hahaha! But I told myself I have to finish it on time, because I had to see Mina Esguerra in (the) flesh. 🙂

My beta reading process: I asked two of my friends to beta read it – one of them is that high school bff I was talking about and the other one is a guy (yeah, I persuaded him to read a romance story). And both of them said, “Beth, you can do more. I know that.”

What I’ve learned from this class: I’ve learned a lot from this class. I’ve learned that characters should speak to the reader. I’ve learned that I don’t really have a convincing story if I can’t summarize it in just a sentence. I’ve learned that being an author, I have this big responsibility because of influence.

What’s next for me: My friends want me to write a story about Alex, and I am thinking of pairing him up with Kelly, but I am not sure when’s that gonna happen. Currently, I am waiting for another book to be published. It’s under Lifebooks, and I think it can also be downloaded from Buqo so please watch out for it – you can follow me on Facebook at facebook.com/bethgonline, Twitter @bethgstories or visit my blog at bethgstories.wordpress.com.


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Love, Stella

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