How to Save a Cake

I’m writing Save the Cake as part of Mina’s novella-writing class; in fact, I’m trying to plow through the first three chapters so I can concentrate on my field work for the rest of Febuary. (Which is turning into a bit of hell on wheels, to be honest. The biggest problem I have, as I always do, is the number of respondents that can qualify for analysis. But I’ll get there when I get there.) I don’t want to give away too much – yet – but I really want Tricia (our cake baker) to get past the “you have to be my bridesmaid/no, I’ll just make your damn cake” conflict out of the way so she could finally meet Sean, the surprisingly cute videographer who’s going to be (literally) in her face while he’s making the wedding video. And I also can’t wait for my readers to meet Tricia’s dad Pappy and brother Paul, who always manage to keep the bakery together even when their Isha decides that she’d rather go into the semi-lucrative designer cake business.

Wait: Sounds familiar? That’s because Tricia is actually Eloisa Reyna Carreon from World on a Plate; instead of being a blogger obsessed with an American TV host, she’s a full-time pastry baker who works out of her family’s kitchen while her alta sociedad friends give her crap about not being married. And sweet Gavin Romanowski has been reborn as the charming mestizo Sean Alvarez, who gets more face-time with Tricia at the expense of Paul’s patience.

But no more of that smug TV host, no. And goodbye to that blog, which never made sense anyway compared to all those cakes.

It’s funny, though, because I don’t know my fondant from my marzipan, and the only things I bake come from boxes. And yet I love to write about cakes and pies – and the Reyna bakery, in particular, with its own decades-old, wood-fired pugon that was made for the best bread in the South of Manila.

Yes, dear readers, I am also an eater. And that’s just how we do.

Love, Stella

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  1. Hi!
    Love your site a lot!
    Though, you keep getting new blogs, I can't keep up with you! 🙂 I do the best I can, though.
    Happy Blogging!

  2. Hey there, Stella,
    I was liking your site a lot, until you started putting cuss words in. Even though you're not saying it and the book it, why do you have to post it? I'm not trying to be mean! Please, don't take this the wrong way, I just don't like seeing cuss words.
    Thanks! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the comments, Anon. As to why I use a lot of "dirty" words, it's simple: I'm 35 years old. This is my blog, this is how I think (at least on most days), and I have complete ownership of the content that I put in here. Notice that I have held back on the serious swearing (I stay away from F-bombs, explicit sexual comments, or other really offensive material), but I write this blog with the assumption that my readers are mature enough to enjoy the material on their own terms. Whether or not they want to continue reading my site is their own decision.

    Hope this helps.

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