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How apropos is it that the 100th post on my blog would be about Les Miserables? I never would have thought about it myself, but I watched it with my friends over the weekend, and we had so much fun with each other that I couldn’t help but share my joy here, even though I did spend a considerable amount of time bawling. Wait until you get a hold of the next entry, though; it’s going to be epic! 


Those of you who have read my eulogy for Jesse Robredo may remember that I posted a version of “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables, joining the chorus of Pinoys who were hoping that he survived that plane crash. I have to admit that I sort of stole that idea from one of our younger senators, who also posted the same song on her Facebook account as a prayer of her own: hope, against hope. 
Watching the Les Mis movie the other night, and hearing Hugh Jackman sing the song, reminded me of that time once again, that moment where we were all glued to Twitter, hoping that the man was rescued by a fisherman, or pulled some sort of safety switch to get him out of the plane. But – if news reports were to be believed, and I got this story from my Mom – Secretary Robredo was discovered in the wreckage, still wearing his safety belt. He was facing the sea; he knew it was his time.
I would follow this up with some kind of spoiler for Les Miserables (book, play, movie, everything) but all of this, to me, makes sense. Once a man knows that he has done his life’s work – once he knows that he has already given his all, heart and soul – perhaps it is, truly, his own time to go home. 
Speaking of the movie: Fantastic. Hugh Jackman gives the performance of his lifetime here, and Anne Hathaway has never been better. Also, Russell Crowe’s singing… well, he tried, but he just couldn’t find it in himself to sing and act at the same time. HBC and Sacha Baron Cohen are also great as the social climbers you want to hate. 
And because I can’t stop myself from saying this to everyone: ALL UR FANGIRLS BELONG 2 REDMAYNE. 

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