Frequently Asked Questions

Written as of December 2019. Some details may change without notice.

How old are you?

I’ve been resisting discussions about my real age for the longest time, but after a while I’ve decided to make peace with it. Long story short, I’m in my forties now, but I can pass for someone ten years younger, which is why I tend to write about characters in their mid-to-late twenties.

What are you doing in Los Banos, anyway? Weren’t you supposed to be doing your PhD in Diliman?

I’ve lived in Los Banos for a good chunk of my life because my parents used to teach in the College of Economics and Management at UPLB. I left in when I was 13 (when my Dad’s job at the Asian Development Bank took him to Jakarta) and didn’t come back until I was in my late thirties. I left for Diliman in 2011 (which explains how I wrote Save the Cake and Crushingly Close while studying) but six years later my depression got the better of me, and I started getting homesick. Long story short, I came back home to stay closer to my parents, and write when the spirit moves me.

Will I move again? I don’t know, but after living in Jakarta, Ortigas, Honolulu, and Quezon City, I think my heart will always belong in Los Banos.

Why the long breaks between books?

Several factors do come into view for this. Sometimes I’m working on several different things at once; sometimes I need the rest; and sometimes I’m just plain attracted to shiny objects. But most of the time I’m just a slow writer. 

I am a student, and I have an assignment regarding your books. Can you help me?

Here’s the thing: I used to be a teacher myself, so I want you to do your own homework when it comes to classroom assignments. If, for example, you want to interview me about my work, I would suggest that you write me a detailed email or cover letter detailing the particulars of your assignment, including your teachers’ exact instructions. Once we have those details down, I want you to make sure that you’ve actually read the book(s) so you can formulate your questions thoughtfully. You can interview me by email (see contact form for more details), since it’s not always easy for me to schedule a trip to Manila.

We can’t find the print edition of Save The Cake anywhere. Where can we buy it?

Unfortunately, Visprint (the company that published the Philippine edition of STC) has closed its doors, so asking customer service at your favorite bookstore for a copy may no longer be your best bet. Still, there are plans for an updated ebook and paperback edition to be released in 2021. I’ll talk about that more once the date comes close.  

Where can I buy Crushingly Close and Nine Years Away in print?

Amazon, for now. Still figuring out if there’s local demand for those titles.

What happened to all the manuscripts you’ve blogged about but never published?

They’re all in my hard drive, mostly as Word or Scrivener files. Some of them have been chopped up for use in other manuscripts, and some…eh. I’d save them and edit again, but life’s too short, y’know?

Will you ever write steamy fiction again?

As much as I’d like to say “never say never,” I’m sorry to say that I might not, for a long time. It’s not that I can’t, but frankly, I still have a problem accepting that part of me as a writer, so I’ll need some time to make room for that.

Will you ever write Young Adult fiction again?

Not ruling this out. I love writing teenage characters, but writing stories about them would take a lot of patience on my part. Ask me again later?

Do you plan on querying any of your manuscripts?

This is another case of “never say never,” frankly. There are a ton of deeply personal reasons for not doing this, so I can’t answer any questions unless we know each other and you’re buying me coffee.