Crushes of Yore: That Guy from That Band

I’ve been following The Voice of the Philippines for the last few weeks now, which I’ve been watching with a group of girls from our dorm. We watch the show for the performances, and for the judges (let’s just say that Lea Salonga seems to be enjoying the same “special beverage” that Blake Shelton partakes of in the US edition) – but it wasn’t until recently that I remembered the other good reason why I started watching the show.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Bamboo Manalac. 
Look, the guy may probably be one of the more eccentric figures in the Philippine music industry (next to his former Rivermaya bandmate Rico Blanco, who is also hot in person) but you won’t hear the rest of us complaining about that. Especially not when he has turned out music like this: 

It’s too bad that I can’t find video of him (with his former band) covering “Prayer for the Dying,” which came on my iPod earlier this afternoon while I was crocheting granny squares. Here he is as a solo artist covering Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team”  instead:

He makes angry music too:

But if you ask me, his stuff is more powerful in Filipino.

Bamboo, the band, has been defunct for years now – if you ask me, it was probably for the better, since their final album had none of the snap that made his pre-2008 output so interesting. Now that he’s on The Voice, though, I’ve been inspired to seek out his solo material, which would probably get some getting used for a while. For now, we girls would have to content ourselves with learning how to sing in time for the next season – you know, just in case we get him to turn his chair. Or not. 

Love, Stella

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