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Writing What Matters

I’ve been beta-reading some manuscripts on my down time between writing and studying, and I’ve found myself giving the same pieces of advice to these writers regarding their stories. One of the things that I’ve found myself commenting on a lot involve scenes, and the writing of scenes in particular; from what I’ve seen in the early drafts that have…

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Words of Wisdom: The Black List Edition

From Screenwriting Tips, You Hack by Xander Bennett: Don’t apologize for your weird idea. Embrace it, explain it, and learn how to make others understand it. The STYH blog is in association with The Black List. Read the 2012 edition of the list – and browse through the archives – here. Follow Xander Bennett on Twitter.

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The Great Big Anniversary

I know, I  know, you’re probably wondering: The first real post on this blog happened on January 3, and I didn’t post again until the first “official” entry on January 17. Why, then, would the “anniversary” of The Great Big Jump fall on January 7? Simple: Because THIS HAPPENED. Matty D, you’re next. (Flat Jeremy was a Christmas gift from my…

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Words of Wisdom: Tina Fey

From Bossypants, under “My Bossypants Managerial Techniques”: I’ll admit that as a female producer I have a tacit “no hot-heads” policy. For years, to be considered a genius at comedy, people had to be “dangerous” and “unpredictable.” I have met some very dangerous, erratic, funny people over the years, people I admire, but I don’t want to work with them…

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