Long Live The Social Network

Those of you who have followed me since the beginning of my Blogspot days may recall that I used to go by the name Meimei, which used to be a convenient way for me to keep my online persona separate from my personal life. Those times, alas, are now behind us, and I must now prepare for the next phase

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From The Great Big Archives: Letters Left Unsent

Summer, 2008.  Dear lady in front of me at the Bishop Street Starbucks yesterday morning:It was bad enough that you held up the line because you kept getting a “cranberry” scone when you requested a “blueberry.” It was bad enough that you had to send back the same blueberry scone, twice,  because you didn’t think you got a blueberry scone.

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After several years of plodding, and plotting, I finally have some great news to share with you: The Great Big Jump will be headed for the big screen! Yes, there is an ongoing movie development deal to turn this blog into a movie. The details have to be hush-hush for the moment, but for now this is what I have

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Today’s Dispatch: Text Only Edition

I know that I should blog more often, but things just got interesting here at school because I’m working on some projects, both for school and for my dorm association. I do know for sure, however, that I’ll be chipping away at the new screenplay for a bit in July, if only to get some creative output done while braving

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Today’s Dispatch: The Aftermath

Dear friends: I totally understand how thrilled you were when you saw this posting on my Facebook wall… I mean, timeline: To which I say: I love you all, but I still can’t believe that you fell for the oldest joke in the history of Facebook. Cheers, Stella

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Today’s Dispatch: The Purpose of This Blog Is…

You may have noticed, in the “About Me” section of this blog, that I have changed my handle and Blogger profile. This, I will admit, is a conscious decision on my part, in a bid to be taken seriously. I am more judicious now about promoting my online presence through this blog, along with my entries for Domestic Travel. In fact,

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Stella Torres

is the author of the adult contemporary romances Save the Cake, Crushingly Close, and Nine Years Away, as well as the short story “Be Creative” in the anthology Kids These Days: Stories from Luna East Vol. 1.

In her previous life, she has worked in public relations, taught English as a second language, and even attended graduate school (twice!). She has lived in Indonesia, Honolulu, and Quezon City before moving back to her hometown of Los Banos, a few hours’ drive (with traffic) from the heart of Manila.

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