WIP Week 2013, Dispatch #3: The Celeste Ballesteros Mysteries (Series)

And now, for the last entry of WIP Week 2013: A spin-off from Cada Veces starring the book’s original “leading lady,” Dra. Celeste Ballesteros. Series Title: The Celeste Ballesteros Mysteries  Elmore Leonard’s Rules of Writing, condensed.. Proposed Installments: Stunt (Script Frenzy 2013); Seven Funerals (NaNoWriMo 2013, assuming that none of my previous WIPs will require me to rebel) Premise: After

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Today’s Dispatch: A Question of Character

This post is brought to you by Sugababes, by way of Gary Numan. —— In the last two entries, I’ve mentioned the concept of character development in writing, which I continue to work on and remedy on a constant basis. Nowhere has the concept been more evident than in the development of Nominated for Script Frenzy, where I had to

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Excerpt of The Week: Nominated (The Screnzy Version)

To celebrate my first-year triumph in Script Frenzy, I am posting not one, not two, but three excerpts from the last known draft of Nominated. Personally, I’m proud of this because it’s my first screenplay, and proof that I can conquer this whole writing business… but I’m much prouder of the writing process that I went through in keeping both the

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Today’s Dispatch: More Randomesticity

This post was brought to you by Gabriel Macht’s hair. Before: After: (In the pre-Pinterest version of “the list,” the man currently known as Harvey Specter would have been classified under Tier 1.5: Awesome Human Being, alongside Roger Federer and Matt Damon. Yes, hot, but he’s also happily married to Jacinda from The Real World: London, and I would not dare to

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What I’ve Learned from the Frenzy

So: I just finished my screenplay. It was actually easier than I thought it would be, to be honest. Once I got over the mentality of relying on the word count and meeting a certain deadline, I had the whole thing under control. Sure, I had it easy because I was adapting a previously-written work, but even I had to

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Today’s Dispatch: Procrastination Is Easy

This post has been brought to you by this picture of Paul Walker. Source: trashness.com via Sam on Pinterest Considering that I’m practically halfway through my Script Frenzy screenplay – at 47 out of 100 pages – I’ve found it quite natural to slack off and think of crazy things about the screenplay that have nothing to do with writing

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