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The Bourne Videoke

Over dinner with friends this past weekend (yep, same friends with whom I watched Les Mis), talk turned towards the unintended socio-political satire that was The Bourne Legacy. Yes, the ending was still unforgivable, but one of us had this really insane idea: What if, in the middle of that ridiculous high-speed chase around Manila, Aaron Cross had lost his footing…

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WIP Week 2013, Dispatch #3: The Celeste Ballesteros Mysteries (Series)

And now, for the last entry of WIP Week 2013: A spin-off from Cada Veces starring the book’s original “leading lady,” Dra. Celeste Ballesteros. Series Title: The Celeste Ballesteros Mysteries  Elmore Leonard’s Rules of Writing, condensed.. Proposed Installments: Stunt (Script Frenzy 2013); Seven Funerals (NaNoWriMo 2013, assuming that none of my previous WIPs will require me to rebel) Premise: After…

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Words of Wisdom: The Black List Edition

From Screenwriting Tips, You Hack by Xander Bennett: Don’t apologize for your weird idea. Embrace it, explain it, and learn how to make others understand it. The STYH blog is in association with The Black List. Read the 2012 edition of the list – and browse through the archives – here. Follow Xander Bennett on Twitter.

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Today’s Dispatch: So This Is Christmas (Part 5) – And Some Good News

Before I post my last round of Christmas songs, I would like to make an important announcement regarding one of my long-standing projects: My screenplay Right Here Right Now is almost finished – and if all goes well, as it should, that means I’m going to have a full draft just in time for Christmas! Wheeeee!!! (And, yes, it will…

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Today’s Dispatch: Waiting on a Line of Greens and Blues

This post was brought to you by THIS SONG: See, here’s the problem: It’s October 30, right? And I’m supposed to be plotting my NaNo by now, because we’ll be busy tomorrow since we’re getting a jump (pun not intended) on All Saints’ Day by visiting the family pantheon. (Okay, not exactly a real “pantheon” per se, but we use…

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Today’s Dispatch: Once Again, Crushes of Yore

This post is brought to you by the movie Hitchcock, starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren. Also starring Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel… and THIS GUY. Screencap from The Daily Beast.  Look, I know what you are all thinking: Several entries ago I already “ruled out” Michael Stuhlbarg for the “role” of Adam in my screenplay, partly because he didn’t seem…

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The Great Big Jump Presents: Right Here, Right Now – The Casting Notes

Yes, I know, I write too much about writing, but sometimes it cannot be helped. Here’s another glimpse of the thought process I’m going through while writing Right Here, Right Now; after this, I promise to shut up and move on to my other work. For best results, read this after going through the Excerpt of the Week. —- First things first:…

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Excerpt of the Week: Right Here, Right Now (FINALLY!)

And now… the first two scenes of the screenplay I’ve been writing in the last few. [snip] (Image credits: me, via Celtx) What I like: The use of details to show where these guys are in their lives: punch stains on Adam’s tuxedo, Mel’s bridesmaid dress, Grant “smelling” like designer aftershave. The “triumphant” beginning was a deliberate move on my…

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Updates: Guest Blogs, Screenplay Shifts, and Novel Goodness

This post was brought to you by Daniel Matsunaga. Part Brazilian, part Japanese, has appeared on numerous advertisements, and very much single. Way too skinny in person, though; the camera does add 10 pounds after all. (Photo credit: me.) Okay, now that I’ve gotten your attention, here are a few updates on what I’ve been doing, writing-wise (and not counting…

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