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Let’s Do This Again

A frustrated cake baker, desperate to be taken seriously. Source: via Sarah on Pinterest A talented videographer, yearning for stability. Source: Uploaded by user via Kyleigh on Pinterest A wedding designed as a beautiful fairy tale… Source: Uploaded by user via Kevin on Pinterest …and destined to descend into epic chaos. Source: Uploaded by user via Lilly on Pinterest…

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Today’s Dispatch: So This Is Christmas (Part 2)

No holiday celebration chez Meimei is complete without a few entries from Barenaked Ladies, whose snarky takes on Christmas classics are always welcomed… at least by myself and my siblings, knowing that my parents would be horrified at what they might hear if we’d played these around them. First, their now-iconic take on “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and “We…

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The Great Big Jump Presents: A Screenplay of Sorts – The Polyvore Version

Those of you who have been following my attempts to write this screenplay may be familiar with my struggle to create the character of Iris Garcia, the foil (and love interest) to our buddy Pete Driscoll. At first I couldn’t  figure out who she is, exactly: putting her character through all the worksheets made her look more interesting than a…

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