Fade to Grey

So: I went and saw Fifty Shades of Grey at the theater. Before you get your hackles up, I would like to say that I tried reading the books, but I gave up after one chapter because I couldn’t stomach Ana’s immaturity. This movie didn’t give me the desire to pick up the books, either, so please don’t try to

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Pick and Choose

This post is brought to you by Love Is Not A Triangle, a blog for readers who don’t like love triangles. I had the chance to think closely on what I said about the love triangle trope in last month’s book review round-up, and why I’ve been tolerant about them in the past. Yes, it does seem like the ultimate

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Randomesticity: One Year Older, and None The Wiser

This post is brought to you by Richard Armitage, who owes me a cake. So, here I am, one year older, working on a new book, taking on some freelance work (which you’ll hear about in the coming weeks), and looking forward to a new school year on the horizon. Time to check in on what’s going on inside my

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Randomesticity: No, This is Random

Today’s post was NOT brought to you by a messenger from Persia. I’m in the middle of a “should be writing/am actually doing” phase right now, so I’m doing a series of rants, raves, and little bits in between. – Writing updates: While my test development papers are doing okay, my outline for the novella I’m writing is suffering from

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My #1 Rule of Blogging (And Micro-Blogging)

If You Don’t Care, Don’t Post.  1) Nobody asked for your opinion.  2) If somebody did, you don’t owe them an explanation.  3) If you do owe them an explanation, then you obviously care, which negates the point of not caring.  4) And if you cared that much about not caring, why waste the writing space when you can post

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Today’s Dispatch: Show Me Your Role Model

I was supposed to write this entry earlier, before my laptop’s motherboard failed me for the third time and I had to take it back to the shop for an overhaul. But I just can’t help myself. It’s been 48 hours since I’ve read the article (linked above) and the responses to said article (notably this one from Chuvaness) and

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Stella Torres

is the author of the adult contemporary romances Save the Cake, Crushingly Close, and Nine Years Away, as well as the short story “Be Creative” in the anthology Kids These Days: Stories from Luna East Vol. 1.

In her previous life, she has worked in public relations, taught English as a second language, and even attended graduate school (twice!). She has lived in Indonesia, Honolulu, and Quezon City before moving back to her hometown of Los Banos, a few hours’ drive (with traffic) from the heart of Manila.

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