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Favorite Things

It’s the 250th blog entry on The Great Big Jump! This means I get to share with you some of my favorite things! Call it a midlife crisis, but my favorite things of the moment are the ones that I would have indulged in decades ago when I was still young and fresh. Here’s a sampling of those: – Collecting…

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Manifesting Your Dreams

Let me tell you a story of how a simple question can lead to an extraordinary idea. Several months ago on Twitter, we had a Q & A session with actor Migs Almendras, who’s also one of our live readers for #romanceclass. For some reason, I was feeling pretty naughty that night, so I thought I’d ask a funny question.…

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A few things have been going on chez Meimei: 1) I’m up to my ears right now with school work;  2) I’m excited about the upcoming launch for Kids These Days (check out the artwork on Chrissie’s blog);  and 3) I’m writing a short story for a writing class that’s quite far from the norm for me. Let’s just say…

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I’m going to save the platitudes for The Great Big Anniversary on Monday. Until then, here are a few things I want to do for the new year. – Forgive. I did a lot of that this year. It was healthy. – Commit. Running. Zumba. Housekeeping. Moisturizer. SPF. Vitamins. Asthma medicine. And deadlines. – Especially deadlines. And not just for school.…

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