After The Storm

I just wanted to let you all know that my family and I are safe – me in Quezon City and my parents in Laguna – and we have been spared the worst of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. That does not take away from the reality that the Visayan islands have been severely affected by the typhoon.  Every day, my dormmates are

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Now on Amazon: Pinoy Contemporary Romance!

If I had enough money (or Amazon credit) to buy Kindle editions of my favorite Pinoy contemporary romances, I would. I love the fact that there’s a growing crop of authors that are making their way into the market, especially since they do give a unique spin on what has always been looked at a Western-dominated genre. If you’re curious

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The Great Big Legacy

Let’s just sit back and enjoy this ad campaign for The Peninsula Manila, shall we? Thanks to JessicaRulesTheUniverse for the link.

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Excerpt of the Week: Cada Veces

This one is for Mina, to whom I owe a possible characterization of a nice guy who really, truly needs to prove his “nice guy”-ness to everyone in order to redeem himself. And for Helen, who adores both the sassy Sabrina and the flamingly articulate Rhobelle. (Yes, Rhobelle is a guy.) I am actually revising this right now, and I’m also

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The Road to NaNoWriMo: My Attempt at Prepping

In the middle of the scramble between finishing my papers (not awesome) and watching Argo (so awesome that I might revise Right Here Right Now because of it), I actually forgot to plot my road map for Cada Veces. But since I’m taking the morning off to bond with Auntie Flo, this is what I have so far: 1) Ma’m Celeste

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Post #76

From this moment on, for as long as Republic Act No. 10175 continues to be a law as written, and until said law is amended, repealed, or no longer considered valid as a law in any way or form… This blog will remain blacked out.

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Stella Torres

is the author of the adult contemporary romances Save the Cake, Crushingly Close, and Nine Years Away, as well as the short story “Be Creative” in the anthology Kids These Days: Stories from Luna East Vol. 1.

In her previous life, she has worked in public relations, taught English as a second language, and even attended graduate school (twice!). She has lived in Indonesia, Honolulu, and Quezon City before moving back to her hometown of Los Banos, a few hours’ drive (with traffic) from the heart of Manila.

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