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The Road to NaNoWriMo 2016: It’s Live!

It’s October! And I’ve already posted my novel on the NaNoWriMo website! Yay! [/waves pompoms] Here’s the synopsis, which I put together on Sunday afternoon when I was assembling my NaNo page: Nine years ago, Kim Del Rosario suffered the worst humiliation of her life when Christian Mendiola abandoned her at the prom. So why can’t she shake him off the moment…

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WIP Week 2013, Dispatch #3: The Celeste Ballesteros Mysteries (Series)

And now, for the last entry of WIP Week 2013: A spin-off from Cada Veces starring the book’s original “leading lady,” Dra. Celeste Ballesteros. Series Title: The Celeste Ballesteros Mysteries  Elmore Leonard’s Rules of Writing, condensed.. Proposed Installments: Stunt (Script Frenzy 2013); Seven Funerals (NaNoWriMo 2013, assuming that none of my previous WIPs will require me to rebel) Premise: After…

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WIP Week 2013, Dispatch #2: Cada Veces (NaNoWriMo Winner, 2012)

Welcome again to the second installment of WIP Week, where we discuss the projects (and would-be projects) that I have on my slate for 2013. Today we shall cover this year’s NaNoWriMo winner: a story that, in my words, had started with good intentions, only to become something else altogether.  ***** Title: Cada Veces  Abstract (as of this writing): Sabrina Mojica…

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Post #77 (Or: November Can’t Come Soon Enough)

We interrupt this moment of political righteousness to bring you some important news: I will be participating in NaNoWriMo 2012.  Unfortunately, I won’t be participating with my proposed “rebel” novel (Mabel Wilder), since planning for that project fell to the wayside between school, Script Frenzy, and Right Here Right Now (which will also take a brief hiatus in November). Instead, I…

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Updates: Guest Blogs, Screenplay Shifts, and Novel Goodness

This post was brought to you by Daniel Matsunaga. Part Brazilian, part Japanese, has appeared on numerous advertisements, and very much single. Way too skinny in person, though; the camera does add 10 pounds after all. (Photo credit: me.) Okay, now that I’ve gotten your attention, here are a few updates on what I’ve been doing, writing-wise (and not counting…

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