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Fade to Grey

So: I went and saw Fifty Shades of Grey at the theater. Before you get your hackles up, I would like to say that I tried reading the books, but I gave up after one chapter because I couldn’t stomach Ana’s immaturity. This movie didn’t give me the desire to pick up the books, either, so please don’t try to…

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A Homage to Zero Dark Thirty

You know how it was when The Hurt Locker came out, and people noticed that Jeremy Renner was hot, and suddenly they wanted to reach out to his (obviously messed-up-in-the-head-like-WHOA) character so they can hug him and squeeze him and call him George? That was me, with Jessica Chastain, after watching Zero Dark Thirty. Okay, maybe not the squeezing-and-calling-her-George part,…

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The Bourne Videoke

Over dinner with friends this past weekend (yep, same friends with whom I watched Les Mis), talk turned towards the unintended socio-political satire that was The Bourne Legacy. Yes, the ending was still unforgivable, but one of us had this really insane idea: What if, in the middle of that ridiculous high-speed chase around Manila, Aaron Cross had lost his footing…

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How apropos is it that the 100th post on my blog would be about Les Miserables? I never would have thought about it myself, but I watched it with my friends over the weekend, and we had so much fun with each other that I couldn’t help but share my joy here, even though I did spend a considerable amount…

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