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After The Storm

I just wanted to let you all know that my family and I are safe – me in Quezon City and my parents in Laguna – and we have been spared the worst of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. That does not take away from the reality that the Visayan islands have been severely affected by the typhoon.  Every day, my dormmates are…

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That Cake: Lessons in Writing a Contemporary Romance Novella

So: Save the Cake. I’m finally finished with the full Draft 1 for Mina V. Esguerra’s contemporary-romance writing class, though it feels more like Draft 0.5 because it’s still kind of raw around the edges (and could use some copy-editing, besides) – at around 37,000 words, it’s still a monster that could use a little bit of trimming. A part of…

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Vlog Like a Makeup Artist

Before this blog goes quiet for Holy Week, here’s a rejoinder to some of the Pixiwoo-related posts that I’ve been writing lately. My faith in the Sisters Chapman has been restored. (Here is Sam’s “sunset eyes tutorial”; there’s also a similar version from Destiny Godley as well.) See you in April.

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Steal Like a Makeup Artist

This post was brought to you by Urban Decay’s Glinda palette, inspired by the movie Oz: The Great and Powerful. (Read the review from Makeup and Beauty Blog here.) (I like this video, by the way. Not just for the look, but also for the way Sam talks about how she doesn’t expect the ethereal “good witch” look to work for her…

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Words of Wisdom: The Black List Edition

From Screenwriting Tips, You Hack by Xander Bennett: Don’t apologize for your weird idea. Embrace it, explain it, and learn how to make others understand it. The STYH blog is in association with The Black List. Read the 2012 edition of the list – and browse through the archives – here. Follow Xander Bennett on Twitter.

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I’m going to save the platitudes for The Great Big Anniversary on Monday. Until then, here are a few things I want to do for the new year. – Forgive. I did a lot of that this year. It was healthy. – Commit. Running. Zumba. Housekeeping. Moisturizer. SPF. Vitamins. Asthma medicine. And deadlines. – Especially deadlines. And not just for school.…

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Words of Wisdom: Tina Fey

From Bossypants, under “My Bossypants Managerial Techniques”: I’ll admit that as a female producer I have a tacit “no hot-heads” policy. For years, to be considered a genius at comedy, people had to be “dangerous” and “unpredictable.” I have met some very dangerous, erratic, funny people over the years, people I admire, but I don’t want to work with them…

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“Don’t Go on Autopilot.”

I had to post this video here because I feel like this sums up my philosophy: in makeup, in writing, and in life. (Note: Featured YouTuber EmilyNoel83 – real name: Emily Eddington – is also a morning-news anchor who does her own makeup; she knows whereof she speaks, since I’ve worked with TV reporters before and I understand how important it…

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