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And It’s Official.

But of course. I had to hit 50k before it got in the way of my studies. All that’s missing is the congratulatory bottle of Dom Perignon (and inevitable smooching) from this guy, but who’s counting? Now that we’re here, though, I want to let you know that all the work that I’ve put into Cada Veces has not been…

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Post #77 (Or: November Can’t Come Soon Enough)

We interrupt this moment of political righteousness to bring you some important news: I will be participating in NaNoWriMo 2012.  Unfortunately, I won’t be participating with my proposed “rebel” novel (Mabel Wilder), since planning for that project fell to the wayside between school, Script Frenzy, and Right Here Right Now (which will also take a brief hiatus in November). Instead, I…

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Today’s Post: Femme Fatale

This post was brought to you by… your face from the Nineties, courtesy of Lisa Eldridge. So I’m home at the Hacienda now – after a month’s worth of being on-edge over my research projects – and I’m still working on the Untitled Possible Next Screenplay, especially the Proust questionnaires for the two main characters. My main male character –…

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