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Dear 18


Dear 18, This is not a letter about all the shitty things you’ll learn when you grow up. This has nothing to do with boys, jobs, careers, and all the things you will go through twenty years from now. Oh, all right, I’ll say it: You will grow up to be a romance writer. Yes, you heard me. By 2017…

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After The Storm

I just wanted to let you all know that my family and I are safe – me in Quezon City and my parents in Laguna – and we have been spared the worst of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. That does not take away from the reality that the Visayan islands have been severely affected by the typhoon.  Every day, my dormmates are…

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About a Parent

Some of you may be wondering if I’ve been crying buckets of tears over the news that Jeremy Renner is now expecting a child with an unidentified ex-girlfriend – who, obviously, is not me. Frankly, I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh, cry, or beat the living daylights out of the bastard, so I did feel bad for a while… then…

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Bring Him Home

I started this blog with an elegy for Whitney Houston. These past two months I had a short entry about Dolphy, and an essay about the shootings in Aurora, CO. Now, here I am, mourning the loss of Jesse Robredo, our well-loved Secretary for the Department of the Interior and Local Government here in the Philippines. Like many Filipinos of…

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An Open Letter

Dear people outside of the Philippines who have seen The Bourne Legacy: By now you’re probably wondering why Filipinos are suddenly up in arms over how we were “portrayed” in the movie, about how Manila was shown as a noisy, cramped, and possibly “stinky” urban wasteland. Those of us in the Philippines who are angry about this say that we’re being…

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On Aurora

I have friends in Colorado right now. They have friends of friends who know, or were parents of, the kids who watched The Dark Knight Rises last night. Seeing this, reading this… it’s not as distant to me as I want to think. No words. I don’t want to see this turn into a debate about art promoting “family values” instead…

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ERMAGHERD! (Or: This Is Why Critique Partners Rock)

Check out my guest post entry on Indigo Grace’s blog! A little background: Indigo and I go way back from the beginnings of Ladies Who Critique; we started off as critique partners, and now we’re frequent posters on each other’s blogs. We bonded over our similar approaches to writing, especially when it comes to compiling visual cues for our characters…

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