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The Good and The Bad

Let me start with the bad news first: This may be the last time I will be posting on this blog, or at least in this space. There are a lot of things going on–novel revisions being one of them (and I’ll get to this later)–but the main thing is that I’ve decided on moving this blog to a new…

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Favorite Things

It’s the 250th blog entry on The Great Big Jump! This means I get to share with you some of my favorite things! Call it a midlife crisis, but my favorite things of the moment are the ones that I would have indulged in decades ago when I was still young and fresh. Here’s a sampling of those: – Collecting…

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My Writing Journey

Ever since I attempted to write novels in seventh grade, I was driven to write stories about people that I rarely find in the shelves of many bookstores and libraries. In my case, it was always about an overweight Filipino girl (sound familiar?) beating the odds and falling in love in the process–not quite Sweet Valley High, but not tragic…

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The Non-Writing Things

It’s no secret that I don’t write all the time. I have this blog when I’m not working on my manuscripts, and my social media presence (mostly Twitter and Instagram) is mainly half self promotion and half stream-of-consciousness fun. And it’s not like writing is my entire life; in fact, I also take care of my elderly parents, and you’ll…

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Laying Low

And the hits just keep on coming… As I am writing this, I am recovering from an upper-respiratory infection, which was something that used to happen to me toward the end of every semester when I was still in school. Back then I’d associated it with a psychosomatic reaction to stress, but now that I’m not in school anymore it’s…

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Confusing Times Ahead

I was going to post some short fiction here on the blog for this week, but the last few days have gotten crazy for me, and it’s hard for me to talk about it without going into too much detail. Long story short, I’m not a graduate student anymore. It’s not a story for me to talk about in this…

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General Housekeeping: March 2017

My new Paperwhite, during its initial charging phase. (Sorry for the wonky photo quality here.)  First of all, I’m sorry for not posting last week; it had been a chaotic weekend leading up to an equally stressful Monday, so I didn’t have any time to write or come up with something new. But I am doing fine now, and am…

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Bimonthly Goals: March to April

*cue “Versace On The Floor”*  Before I begin, let’s look at how I did with my bimonthly goals for January and February, shall we? – Finish #romanceclass2017 manuscript: Done! I finished at around 37k, but it went up to 43k after rewrites based on beta reader feedback. Apparently I’m an under-writer, and I have to work on that. – Write…

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