Bimonthly Goals: July to August

(A glimpse into the future.) 
Now that I’m back from my break, I’d like to talk about a few things that I’ve learned about myself in the last two weeks. 
I decided to start with a Bimonthly Goals post because I needed a fresh start after the disappointment I faced last month. It goes without saying that I didn’t meet most of my monthly goals during May and June, so it would be useless to dredge all of that up and feel the pain all over again. Instead, I want to concentrate on rebuilding what’s left. 
One of the decisions I made in June was that I was going to write full-time until the end of the year. I had to do this because I had too many manuscripts that needed my attention, and I may or may not meet some of the deadlines that I’ve set for those stories. My ultimate goal is to release another book before the end of 2017, barring anything traumatic that would get in the way. 
So until that happens, here are my goals for the next two months: 
– Manage my time wisely. Now that I’m out of school, I’ve found that I’ve gotten busier than ever–between writing, blogging, and building my presence on social media, my days are going to get more crowded. That’s why I will be using my planner to keep track of my appointments, deadlines, and posting schedules again. The more I manage my time, the less I have to worry.

Get ready for #romanceclass2017. I have it on good authority that I will be receiving my notes any day now–sooner than I anticipated–so I’ve already put myself on notice. This means that I may have to drop everything to work on this (more details below), especially since I know that I have to make some major revisions.  

Finish revisions for my NaNo manuscript. Currently I’m revising this based on comments from my beta readers, and I may have to send this one to my critique partners next for further refinement. If you’ve been following me on Instagram these past few days, you would know that I’ve knocked the word count down to 54k from 56k in the original draft; it could go up or down depending on what happens with the revisions. I’ve already talked to my editor about my situation with #romanceclass2017, though, and we’ve decided that I will hold off on this one until I straighten that manuscript out. Here’s hoping that I will be able to get this book out when it’s ready; until then, I’ll be working on editing this manuscript while I can, until it makes perfect sense. 
Put up the print edition of Crushingly Close on CreateSpace. I already have a CS-ready version of the print cover; all I have to do is fix the PDF file for the interiors. Now that I’m back home, I can take care of things such as picking up the proof from the post office and promoting the print release once everything’s fixed.
Build story bible for Book 6. I’d put the notes for that book away for so long that I may need to revisit it when I start prepping for NaNo in October. You’ll hear more about this “story bible” in a future blog entry, but it’s part of a new system that I’m implementing to streamline the writing process for this book. 
Read three books. I’ve already missed out on a few new releases, so I may be able to use that time to read up. I’m also committed to getting started on some non-romance/non-craft books here–I don’t want to say which ones they are, for fear that I might not get around to reading them, but they’re there. 
Post once a week on my blog. I’m not going to put any limits on what I post on this blog from now on. There’s a lot of things that I want to do here–both in fiction and non-fiction–and I’m excited to share them all with you!
Post once a week on Instagram. See the graphic up top? That was part of the #daretoshareIGchallenge that I took up for eleven days in June–I posted twice a day for five days to introduce my brand to my ideal audience. I had so much fun posting regularly that I’ve decided to work on posting every week! You’ll be reading more about my writing process on Instagram, along with life hacks, book reviews, and other fun things that you just can’t miss. Go to to check out what I’ve been working on lately!
Exercise twice a week. Yes, you read me: it’s a fitness goal! I have to admit that my body’s a little rusty, so I’ll have to stick to yoga and Pilates for my flexibility. This is more about improving my mental health by engaging my mind and my body for better self-awareness. It’s not going to be easy, but as long as I make this a priority, I can stay engaged in my own recovery. 
So how’s that for a fresh start? I hope we can make the next two months the best that they can be, so hold tight! 

Love, Stella

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