And It’s Official.

But of course. I had to hit 50k before it got in the way of my studies. All that’s missing is the congratulatory bottle of Dom Perignon (and inevitable smooching) from this guy, but who’s counting?

Now that we’re here, though, I want to let you know that all the work that I’ve put into Cada Veces has not been for naught.

Like a great majority of my NaNos, this one started with good intentions – i.e. as a cohesive novel – and ended up as a completely different beast altogether. So it does not come as a surprise that this novel will be edited, and possibly split into two separate manuscripts to make the story manageable. Since I already have the cool book cover from my friend Macoy, I already have a good idea about how I should split the manuscript to get something publishable in the process.

(And yes, it will be published! But only after I make the necessary edits.)

Here’s what I want to happen:

  • I intend to keep the original title of Cada Veces, as well as the quill and wallpaper on the cover. 
  • I also intend to keep the time-travel/string-theory elements of the story, where people end up rewriting their lives – literally…
  • However, the story will move straight into chick-lit territory. That is, the multiple-narrator structure will be replaced by a more traditional fictional narrative… in this case, the story will revolve around Sabrina, a  UP graduate student from an old-money Spanish family, whose newfound intellectual pursuits run afoul of her conyo lifestyle. Celeste Ballesteros antagonizes her, of course, but she’s also challenged by her “nice guy” classmate Luis, who asks her to prove that girls don’t always fall for bad boys. (An Excerpt of the Week will be upcoming for this, along with a book description.) 
  • But don’t cry for Celeste Ballesteros yet, because I’ve decided to give her something more exciting to do than suffer fools at UP. Not only will she get her own movie for Script Frenzy, but that – and certain parts of Cada Veces – will be the first of a series of mysteries for her. Yep, you read that right: an entire series of Celeste Ballesteros Mysteries!  
All of this will be done with utmost care, of course; I still have school to deal with, and Right Here Right Now to piece together – not to mention the possibility of a “stay-cation” at the Hacienda for the Christmas holidays. For now, however, it looks like I’m not going to run out of fiction here. Onward! 

Love, Stella

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